Carl J. Schutt grew up along the central east coast of the Jersey Shore. He has studied in Florence, Italy and in Prague, Czech Republic. He has been writing since his 7th grade teacher forced the class to keep a journal, which led to his desire to earn his BA in Linguistics. The week after graduating college in 2003, he began to illustrate his first book I Want My Foreskin For Giftmas. During the 11 months it took Carl to illustrate Giftmas, his love for cutting paper grew. Over the next several years he would spend thousands of hours at his cutting board, creating a range of work from landscapes to portraits to abstracts.

In honor of the Giftmas spirit, Carl worked with Little Pioneer Cider House to record a musical version of the book. He enlisted the voices of his mother and father, along with brilliant musician Ryan Doyle.

In 2005, he decided to peace-out of the states and spent 4 months in Prague studying computer animation. Although this new media form of art appealed to Carl, he couldn’t stay away from the cutting board. He would spend the next five years cutting paper as gifts for friends and family, creating hats, cards, flowers, and portraits.

In 2009, he collaborated with graphic artist Jainai Jefferies to create his next book Remembering Oakley. Similar to how Giftmas was an emotional topic for Carl to tackle, Remembering Oakley tells Carl’s experience when his childhood dog had to be euthanized because of cancer.

Currently, Carl is living in Astoria, NY where he continues to create and write and is always in a state of development with many projects.