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Intact America envisions a world where children are protected from permanent bodily alteration inflicted on them without their consent, in the name of culture, religion, profit, or parental preference.

aTLC is dedicated to supporting parents, caregivers, professionals, and policymakers in practicing the art and science of nurturing children.

Nocirc was founded by healthcare professionals to provide information to expectant parents, healthcare professionals, educators, lawyers, ethicists, and concerned individuals about circumcision and genital cutting of male, female, and intersex infants and children, genital integrity, and human rights.

Avoid an Infant Circumcision Mistake

• Being asked if you’ll circumcise your infant? • Want to verify you made the right choice? • Are you arguing about infant circumcision?

The National Organization of Restoring Men is a non-profit support group for men who have concerns about being circumcised, are considering foreskin restoration, or are in the process of restoring their foreskins. Our aim is to help men regain a sense of self-directedness -- physically as well as emotionally.